History of the OPGA

“A Piece of Advice” – 20 minutes

“The History of the Oregon PGA” – 1 hour & 32 minutes

On behalf of the OPGA Board of Directors, I would like to thank Garth Mattson for his vision of bringing together some of our senior professionals & amateurs and giving them the opportunity to share some history of the OPGA and to offer advice to some of our new and upcoming golf professionals.  The purpose of this project is to capture the information from these individuals and to share it with everyone so that we all can understand who these individuals are and how they have helped influence the Oregon Chapter.

There are two separate video links, so please plan accordingly.  The “Piece of Advice” video lasts 20 minutes, and I would encourage you to take some notes, while the large group video on the “History of the OPGA” lasts just over 1 hour and 32 minutes.  Enjoy the videos.

John Kawasoe, PGA

Oregon Chapter President (2017-2018)