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ProActive Sports Cup


Tuesday, October 10 – 12:30pm Shotgun

We are again excited to be conducting the 6th Annual Proactive Sports Cup at Willamette Valley CC on Tuesday October 10.  Thank you to Proactive Sports (Steve Skinner, Todd Hansen and Bob Johnson) for their continued support of this event.  We hope that you will be able to join us this year. Continue reading


From Levi and Stephanie Howe, Friends of the Family

Update from Tuesday –

Dennis is currently still in the ICU and still in a bit of a rollercoaster. Monday seemed to be a pretty good day. Dennis’ physical therapists brought him outside and he was able to walk a few steps and sit on a bench and soak up some sun. Today was a little bit of a rougher of a day. He underwent a swallow test and they found that liquids were not passing through his esophagus. His doctors believe this may be from the infection in his heart causing swelling. They also tried to do a CT today to make sure there was no infection developing in his brain. They weren’t able to do the test because he couldn’t lie flat long enough without having a coughing episode. We are hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Dennis’ brother is relaying all of the messages that everyone has sent, so although he is not able to reach out he is getting all of your encouraging words. Continue reading