Dominic Marconi

July 9, 2020

In Memoriam Sean Fredrickson 12/1/1971 – 7/5/2020Appreciation from the Oregon Chapter of the PNW PGA for leadership, professionalism, and dedication to our members – Sean Fredrickson – 12/1/1971 – 7/5/2020

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our friend and PNW Section President Sean Fredrickson on July 5th in a plane crash in Coeur d’ Alene.  Sean was an incredible father, husband, PGA Professional, mentor, and leader.  There are never words to communicate the pain of such a loss, whether through prayer or quiet reflection, please hold Sean and his family in your hearts.

A rising star in the PGA, Sean lead the PNW Section through an unprecedented time, first taking the reigns a year early as President and then leading us wisely through this pandemic.   We are all better because of Sean’s leadership.

Many of you have mentioned Sean’s mentorship in your posts.  Mentorship was a passion of Sean’s, creating our mentoring committee and our early mentoring conferences.   His passion to help many of you was driven by his genuine desire to serve his fellow PGA Professionals.   You will carry on this passion.

Our thoughts are also with the staff and members at Oswego Lake Country Club who he served this past year and those at Tualatin Country Club whom he served for 14 years.     You are our friends and we share your loss.

As you remember Sean, reflect on the enthusiasm, the integrity, the passion and the love we saw in him every day.