Welcome GolfBoard as OPGA Sponsor

Golfboard Logo

Welcome GolfBoard!  GolfBoard is now an official sponsor of the Oregon Chapter of the Pacific Northwest Section PGA.

GolfBoard, with headquarters right here in Bend, is enabling course operators across Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and all across the country, to discover robust new revenue streams with their “Surf the Earth” concept.   The most innovative invention for golf since the advent of the graphite shaft, the GolfBoard is going to change the way players experience the game of golf forever.  GolfBoard will become a familiar sight at upcoming OPGA Chapter meetings and selected Pro-Ams providing members a unique opportunity to test ride the GolfBoard and talk with GolfBoard Representatives.

If you are interested in obtaining GolfBoards and launching profitable GolfBoard rental programs, simply contact the following Sales Representatives:

Jordan Greenbaum – Jordan.greenbaum@golfboard.com (503-577-3771)

Ken Allen – ken.allen@golfboard.com (503-804-2776)