Oregon Junior Golf Roadmap


The  OREGON JUNIOR GOLF ROAD MAP is complete and it is now up to us to input our programs to be successful.  This process doesn’t take very long and you should be able to complete it in under 5 minutes.  At the very least, please make sure that you register your facility with contact information, and you can always go back in to update your programs.

The OREGON JUNIOR GOLF ROAD MAP was created as a partnership between the Oregon Golf Association and the Oregon Chapter of the PNW Section PGA.  The Roadmap is designed to be exactly that:  a place for youth to find junior friendly facilities and golf programs suitable to their needs regardless of where they are on their unique golf journeys.

This website is where we will want to go to input all of our Junior Golf Programs, so that the JUNIORS that are looking can easily find you.  Promoting your facilities, youth programs that you offer, by region, age and skill will allow you the ability to attract juniors based on what you have to offer.  YOU control your OWN content and YOU can update and change as the season progresses.

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