The Sean Fredrickson Award

Sean Fredrickson impacted the lives of so many golf professionals within the Pacific Northwest PGA Section, we felt it was important to honor him in a way that best represents him.

We are honored to announce that the Oregon Chapter of the Pacific Northwest PGA Section has developed an award that aligns with what Sean Fredrickson stood for. This award will recognize a PGA member whose values align with Sean Fredrickson’s character and unselfish service of their fellow professionals as well as in the golf community. The criteria to be considered for this award will touch on three major contributions to the Oregon Chapter:  Mentoring, Professional Development and Governance, but not all three need to be satisfied. The “Sean Fredrickson Award” will be awarded through OPGA board member nomination and unanimous board approval.

It is our goal to ensure that Sean’s legacy lives on through this award and never forget his unwavering love for the PGA.

For those who are not familiar with who Sean Fredrickson was, you can learn more about his impact on the PGA at .